Ella Breden

College Classes & Accomplishments

Hills Scholar, 2016-Present

Carroll Community College's Honors College. Through this I take honors level courses and seminars. 

2D Design, Fall 2016

Learned extensive vocab, how to properly critique and how to create successful 2-dimensional pieces. Taught by Margaret Rogers, http://www.margaretrogers.net

Intro to Computer Graphics, Fall 2016

Learned about client interfaces, how to use both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as created several practice logos and proucts. Taught by Tristian George, http://tristan-george.com/

Big Belly Deli Website Design, 2016

Complete redesign of their businesses website and their facebook page. Involved taking photographs of their food, the premesis and the employees.

Check it out here: bigbellydeli.net

Battle of the Bands Poster, 2016

Local high schools battle of the bands poster, which was displayed at the event and used for advertisement. 

IPMBA International Ads, 2016

Designed a series of ads for IPMBA's annual confrence and exhibition. 


High School Activities, Leadership and Accomplishments Resume


Arts, Humanities & Communications Academy (AHC) Executive Board  

Member, 10th - 12th Grade The AHC Executive Board puts on multiple events throughout the year that highlight and support our academy students.  We also display work from student artists and decorates the main entrance and hallway with work from the AP Art students, craftsmen and actors during one festival.  The primary goal is to support and display the talent we have at our school.  

President, 12th Grade

My school uses the academy model for education. I am a member of the AHC.  Each academy has a board responsible for certain events to raise awareness and fondness of the careers the academy is oriented around. As president, my responsibilities include scheduling events, alerting members about the events, running the meetings with the help from our sponsor.  As president I am instrumental in organizing and promoting the multiple fundraising events for the AHC.    

National Arts Honor Society  

Member, 10th - 12th Grade NAHS meets monthly and supports the arts at Century High School through fundraisers and events.   Members assist in the running of events and are required to create a piece of art for sale at the decorative auction.


President, 12th Grade I was elected president this year.  My goal is to increase attendance at meetings and market the events more.  My other responsibilities as president are to speak at the induction dinner, keep members updated about NAHS via email and other social media and organize our two major fundraising events.  


Century High School Marching Knights Marching Band  

Member, Color Guard, 10th - 12th Grade I had perfect attendance with my marching band commitment which included two three-hour rehearsals each week during the season, a football game’s half-time every other Friday, numerous marching band shows occurring in and out of state on both Saturdays and Sundays, and a monumental amount of individual practice time.  


Captain, Color Guard, 11th Grade Captain responsibilities included assisting instructors in preparation for the rehearsals, leading stretch blocks, relaying and enforcing instruction from the instructor as needed, and, most importantly, give emotional and physical support to each member he or she could do their best.      

Indoor Color Guard  

Member, 9th - 12th Grade Indoor Color Guard is a rigorous indoor athletic program. There are several tiers:  White, Gold, Bronze, and Junior. Freshman year I was in the Bronze guard; sophomore and junior year I was in the Gold Guard. This year will be the first year students will be able to participate in the White tier at the school.  I look forward to being a part of the highest tier this season.


Junior Guard Student Instructor, 12th Grade Junior guard is a branch of the high school guard for middle school enrolled students. The student instructor is chosen by the main Color Guard instructor.   As a student instructor I am in charge of running the majority of rehearsal, teaching members basic techniques, writing some portion of work for their indoor show and preparing them for their high school career with our high school guard.  

Accomplishments & Honors

Perfect Attendance  9th grade – current.  

National Honor Society  Member, 12th grade.

Distinguished Honor Roll  All quarters, 9th grade – current.  

Scholastics Art and Writing Awards National Gold Medal Award and Gold Key Recipient  12th grade – Received for digital piece titled “Stereotypes of the Color Wheel.”  Award ceremony was celebrated in Carnegie Hall in New York City, June 2016 . 

Youth in Arts Program  “Stereotypes of the Color Wheel” honored with being displayed at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

Spotlight on Youth  Won second place medal and a monetary prize in photography in the local Kiwanis Club’s event which recognizes talents and skills of the students in Carroll County’s high schools.

Arts, Humanities & Communications (AHC) Academy Accolades (Student of the Month)  October 2015.  Each of the four academies at Century High School chooses one student who is fully involved in, and embodies the spirit of, the Academy.  I was chosen AHC’s student of the month for October 2015.

Homecoming Court  12th grade.  The Homecoming Court is chosen by teachers and administration that award students who they feel represent Century High’s high standards.  

Prom Court  11th and 12th grade.  The Prom Court is chosen by peers.