Archaeological Institute of America Annual Conference

January 3, 2020 // Poster Presenter

At the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, I presented a portion of my undergraduate research, entitled "Re-Inventing the (Potter's) Wheel: Modeling 3D Vessels from 2D Drawings" at the poster session, alongside Christian Cloke, Associate Director of the University of Maryland Collaboratory. My research was awarded First Runner-Up (out of thirty, mostly professional entrants), and my poster focuses on my innovative work developing a method to transform traditional two-dimensional technical drawings into digitally-rendered three-dimensional objects complete with surface decoration. 

"Everyone who stopped by [the poster] was impressed with Ella and her technique, they could not believe she was an undergraduate! Those of us who know Ella and her work are not surprised." - University of Maryland Collaboratory Student Highlight (Available here)

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